10 Drinks That Are Harming More Than You Think


Cocktails to avoid: I was awestruck watching Tom Cruise preparing the most exotic cocktails with the most acrobatic and unusual style in the movie aptly titled Cocktail. A cocktail is a great drink to enjoy any occasion, be it a birthday festivity or a theme party. Master bartenders from all over the world have come up with a number of novel and snazzy preparations that go into the making of a certain type of cocktail and the ingredients differ either in type or quantity, or both. The purpose is to give the patrons the best experience.Also Read – 6 Ways to Control Your Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Cocktails contain a decent amount of alcohol and hence it becomes all the more important that this amazing drink is enjoyed responsibly. Also Read – Delhi HC Dismisses Red Bull’s Plea For Injunction Against Pepsi. Read Why Energy Drink Brand Took FMCG Major To Court

But it is not only about the alcohol part, a few cocktails have been reported to be doing more harm to your health rather than adding to the pleasure. Here is a list of 10 such cocktails that you watch out for before placing the order. Also Read – This Summer, Café Noir Mumbai Offers a Range of Wine Based Cocktails And Sangrias 


Made popular by the Mexican fast-food chain Taco Bell, this cocktail is a carbonated drink with a tinge of wine. Apart from the usual base, the fruit gives it a vigorous look. Sangria contains added fruit juice which is full of sugar and syrup. This only adds up to the calory levels in your body.

Single serving: 200 calories

Red Bull + Vodka

One of the largest selling energy drinks, Red Bull containing cocktails are extremely popular in the party circles and clubs as they take less time to give the ‘drunken effect’. The flip side to this blue packaged energy drink is that it contains very high quantity of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and in high amounts is reported to cause health conditions like insomnia and palpitations. If it is mixed with a high-up alcoholic drink like vodka, it can be harmful in a serious way.

Medical Daily website carries a study which reports that a blend of Red Bull and vodka is likely to cause a whopping 600% rise in the cases of palpitations, and in severe cases, death. Even though it is a conjecture as yet but going by the observation of Dr Dan Andersson from Sweden, consuming high quantity of cocktails containing Red Bull can be very dangerous.

Single serving: 250 calories


As the name suggests, this another popular cocktail contains raw egg yolk, rum, sugar, milk, spices, and heavy cream This mixture is heated before mixing with the drink. It is very high in calories and fat. Add to it the amount of cholesterol in every serving and you can imagine the probable harmful effects it can have on an individual’s body.

Single serving: 300 calories – 340 calories and 15 grams – 20 grams fat

Mulled Wine

Wine doesn’t sound that harmful but this particular cocktail of steaming hot mulled wine is very high in sugar and hence adds up to the body weight which in turn puts pressure on the vital organs. Compare it to a glass of simple red wine which usually has about 100 calories. Mulled Wine is also known to deposit calories in the abdominal area thereby adding inches to the waist.

Single serving: 350 calories – 400 calories

Long Island Iced Tea

Hangover is the last thing that you would want after enjoying your favorite cocktail but this cocktail does just that. It contains rum, gin, vodka, sugar, tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mix and Coca-Cola. This is a power house of calories. A single 9 ounce Long Island Iced Tea contains almost 800 calories. Sugar overload is bound to result in weight gain and also tooth decay.

Single serving: 400 calories – 450 calories

Flavored Martinis

Simple martini with gin and vermouth is a ‘safe’ cocktail compared to the flavored ones. Apple-tinis or any other fruity flavor is very likely to do harm to your body. The very popular chocolate martini has very high calorie count.

Single serving: 400 calories – 450 calories

Frozen Margarita

If Bonnie Taub-Dix, the author of Read It Before You Eat It is to be believed, margarita is one of the worst cocktails! According to Bonnie, “The more you mix your drink, the worse off you are”. A single serving of Frozen Margarita contains about 700 calories as it contains tequila, lemon, lime and sugary syrup with a layer of salt on the rim of the glass. This adds up to a cocktail that is very high in calories, sodium, alcohol, and sugar.

Single serving: 600 calories – 700 calories

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

When Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, and the American Food and Drug Administration announced their plans to change nutrition labels in the USA, Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri was not in the good books. This cocktail is touted as an unhealthy drink. This cocktail contains high amount of sugar, syrup, and fruit.

Single serving: 500 calories – 600 calories

White Russian

Would you go for a cocktail which has almost 850 calories and 20 grams of fat? Well, The White Russian contains both as studies show. White Russian is high on artificial syrup, Kahlua (a Mexican coffee liqueur), vodka, with added heavy cream or milk.

Single serving: 600 calories – 650 calories and fat

Piña Colada

This Mexican cocktail is all calories and no nutrients. Piña colada is one of the most preferred cocktails for pool and water themed parties. It contains rum, coconut cream, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and ice that not only contribute to the calorie count but also substantial fat content. For the facts, one glass of coconut cream contains almost 800 calories and over 80 grams of fat.

Single serving: 650 calories – 700 calories and fat

Enjoy Responsibly

There is no feeling like enjoying drinks with your friends and loved ones, but it is always advisable, and sensible to do it in a responsible and healthy way. Even medical professionals propound that consuming alcohol in moderation could be good for health and research shows that it is good for the heart and may even boost the immune system. So, make your choice wisely and it’s recommended that you consult your general physician about it.

Winding-up with an appeal: Never mix drinking and driving, cheers to that!


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