Help your kids start the day right with a ‘tibay’ breakfast


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Traditionally hailed as the most important meal of the day, eating breakfast is a habit most of us have. For parents, it’s one that they also teach their children. 

But did you know that there’s a recommended breakfast for kids? Since they’re still going through their developmental phases, it’s necessary for them to get the right amount of nutrients from their food. We can call this a tibay breakfast – a complete and well-balanced meal that helps ensure they have tibay katawan at tibay resistensya [strong body and resistance to sickness] to help them get through every day.

So what makes up a tibay breakfast? We asked Babylyn Cayabyab, RND, nutrition lead for dairy health and nutrition solutions at Nestle Philippines Inc. a few questions.

Ano ang tibay breakfast?

Cayabyab highlights that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. “It refuels the body and brain after a night without food or drink,” she noted.

To eat a complete breakfast, kids must have a serving of fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and protein-rich food like fish, pork, chicken, or egg along with dairy like milk. 

That’s right: milk should be part of a kid’s diet. While many parents still think of fortified milk as an added bonus to their kids’ healthy meals, Cayabyab suggests otherwise.

“Fortified milk must be [a] daily nutrition essential for kids as it is packed with nutrients they need every day like protein, calcium, and important vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.”

Based on a survey conducted by DOST-FNRI in 2016*, these nutrients are lacking in Filipino children’s diet. When they are kulang sa tibay, proper growth and development are hindered. So what can parents do to help boost kids’ immune systems and help them develop strong bodies?

Tibay mula sa BEAR BRAND Fortified

When paired with three balanced meals a day, BEAR BRAND Fortified powdered milk drink can support children who aren’t getting enough nutrients. They launched their mas pinatibay powdered milk that contains their new doble tibay nutrition offering: tibay ng katawan nutrients like 100% vitamin D on top of tibay resistensya nutrients with 3x more available iron than its previous formulation, 100% Vitamin C, and high level of zinc.

“A glass of BEAR BRAND every day meets 100% of the daily recommended intake for vitamins D and C, almost 50% for iron and zinc, and more than 20% of the recommended intake for protein. Such an amount will significantly close the everyday nutrient gap these kids meet every day,” Cayabyab said.

So why are a tibay breakfast and a glass of BEAR BRAND Fortified powdered milk so important? That’s because this power combo can help children develop tibay signs – signs that highlight they’re getting enough nutrients.

Tibay signs: Marka ng tamang sustansya

Ang mga batang matibay [strong children] not only have tibay katawan and tibay resistensya. They also exhibit other tibay traits that can help them grow. BEAR BRAND Fortified identified these signs of tibay that you should watch out for in your children. 

Ang batang matibay, may tibay ng katawan. These children have strong bodies, are active and energetic, not prone to sickness, and have the right height for their age. They also successfully finish their school work and chores and play well with other children. 

Ang batang matibay, may tibay ng isipan. You know your children are getting the proper amount of nutrients if they have a strong mind. They are able to follow instructions, understand lessons, and think quickly. 

Ang batang matibay, may tibay ng ugali at kalooban. These children are strong at heart, which gives them the strength and motivation to do the right thing and reach for their dreams. They are also independent, focused, confident, know what’s right from wrong and choose what’s right.  

Ang batang matibay, umiinom ng BEAR BRAND Fortified. [A strong child drinks BEAR BRAND]. Together with your proper care, enough sleep and exercise, include a glass of BEAR BRAND Fortified in your kids’ meals everyday to help them develop tibay katawan and tibay resistensya, along with the other tibay signs. 

Ang batang matibay, malayo ang mararating sa buhay [A strong child can go a long way]. –

* Philippine Nutrition Facts and Figures 2008, Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI)

ASC Reference Code: N048P071122BS


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