Myprotein Whey Forward Protein Powder Review: A Big Step Forward


Animal-free whey protein has been on a bit of a surge lately, thanks to its ability to deliver the same nutritional benefits as cow-based whey with less of a strain on the environment. Natreve was the first to break into the market, collaborating with Perfect Day to create Mooless this past May.

Well, the animal-free corral has just become a little more crowded, thanks to the latest release from Myprotein.

Whey Forward is the brand’s latest innovation targeting performance-based sports nutrition through an environmentally-friendly lens. Harnessing the power of Perfect Day’s microflora, which feature an exact copy of the DNA sequence corresponding to cow-based whey, this powder can deliver 20 grams of protein and 4.7 grams of BCAAs in a lactose-free, forward-thinking profile.

We were fortunate enough to test this latest supplement ahead of its launch, so here’s what you can expect from this all-new protein source taking aim at your daily nutrition.


Myprotein Whey Forward

  • Flavorful whey alternative at an affordable price

What’s Good About Myprotein Whey Forward:

Each flavor is as enjoyable as the last

Naturally, there’s no point in taking a supplement if the taste is unappealing. That fear should not be on your mind if you’re considering Whey Forward. The three flavor offerings of Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip, Rich Salted Caramel and Decadent Chocolate Brownie were all enjoyable treats as they blended nicely in any shaker bottle. Even when mixed with water, these flavors were more than mouth watering, providing plenty of protein-packed performance without that lingering chalk taste sometimes found in other powders.

three flavors of myprotein whey forward

Ben Emminger

We found ourselves favoring Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip, especially when blended with oat milk or another dairy alternative, but we’d be content with any of the available tastes for a sweet post-workout treat.

The price per serving is on-par with traditional whey protein supplements

Whey Forward is sold in three sizes, but when you’re purchasing protein powder, it helps to buy in bulk. For less than $40, you can get 20 servings in a tub, which equates to roughly $2 per shake. This is a welcome price point — one that’s less than $1 above traditional whey proteins. Take into consideration that more scientific advancements are packed into each scoop, and the price seems far more reasonable than other animal-free options.

What’s Less Than Ideal About Myprotein Whey Forward:

Those with diet restrictions should take caution

As with other animal-free whey protein powders, Whey Forward is lactose-free, giving those with intolerances a refreshed way to consume this vital macronutrient. However, because the microflora used in Perfect Day’s animal-free whey feature the exact same DNA sequence as cow-based protein, those with a milk allergy should still be wary.

Additionally, Whey Forward is considered vegetarian-friendly, not vegan. This didn’t affect our testing, but it can be a dealbreaker for some fitness enthusiasts, so it is worth mentioning.

How Does Whey Forward Compare to Mooless?

With a Perfect Day foundation and a similar flavor profile, it’s clear that Whey Forward is taking aim at Mooless, which we’ve also tested. These two animal-free whey protein options are currently standouts in the cow-less category, so to help you decide which brand brings home the blue ribbon, here are a few points of comparison.

mooless and myprotein whey forward packets next to each other

Ben Emminger

Taste and Flavor Variety

When looking at both animal-free lineups, it’s difficult to find a taste that’s not enticing. As stated earlier, we loved the stable of Whey Forward flavors, and the same notion rings true for the four available palettes from Natreve. Because the quality is great across the board, this is solely a quantitative victory. Whey Forward offers three tastes, where Natreve makes four.

Winner: Natreve Mooless


It should be noted that any nutritional supplement’s performance is subjective, so your results may differ from ours. We found both protein powders to be efficient in delivering this vital macronutrient, and the nutrition facts for both Mooless and Whey Forward are nearly identical. Both deliver 20 grams of protein with over four grams of BCAAs, as well as a slew of helpful micronutrients like calcium, iron and potassium. It’s simply too close to favor one or the other.

Winner: Draw


This is where Whey Forward truly takes the top spot. When comparing price per serving, Mooless is nearly $1 more. Additionally, the largest bundle you’re able to purchase Mooless in is a 10-packet box, whereas Whey Forward is available in 20-serving tubs. If you want more bang for your buck, we’d recommend the latest animal-free option.

Winner: Myprotein Whey Forward

Myprotein Whey Forward: The Verdict

With an appealing stable of delectable flavors, a well-rounded composition and approachable price point, we think Myprotein’s Whey Forward has made quite the entrance in the supplement realm. Available exclusively online, this animal-free alternative is sure to shake up plenty of nutrition routines as we continue to look for eco-friendly fitness options.


Myprotein Whey Forward

  • Flavorful whey alternative at an affordable price

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