Many women lactate naturally around the time a baby is born, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a new mom can use a little extra help producing a higher amount of milk or producing milk with a greater nutritional boost for her baby. This is where lactation supplements come in. Lactation supplements are products of a variety of origins that assist with milk production.

There are many options out there, but which are the best lactation supplements? This article will outline for you the answer to this question clearly and with examples and links to make your selection as painless as possible.

Top 4 Lactation Supplement Picks

1. Bodily – Overall Best Lactation Supplement

2. Munchkin – Best for Breast Milk Duct Health

3. Kindred Bravely – Kindly Offering Consultant Information

4. Milk Dust – Best Milk Production + Sugar Craving Control

Top Lactation Supplements – In-Depth Reviews

1. Bodily – Overall Best Lactation Supplement


  • Four galactagogues for breast milk production
  • Quality ingredient sourcing
  • Developed with an IBCLC lactation expert
  • Comes in a 2-pack of lattes


Product Review and Features

The Lactation Latte from Bodily is a beverage powder mix that comes in three flavors: Spiced Vanilla, Cacao, and Booster. Each of the three flavors includes four important galactagogues that are excellent encouraging factors for boosting the production of breast milk: goat’s rue, shatavari, moringa, and oats.

The Spiced Vanilla flavor combines Madagascar Bourbon and cinnamon to create a creamy, warm, spiced flavor profile. The Cacao flavor of the Lactation Latte is akin to a hot chocolate with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

The third flavor, called the Booster option, is actually less of a flavor and more of the crux of the breast milk-boosting formula in a versatile format. It is meant to be mixed into other things, so it consists only of a hint of sweetness in order to avoid tainting whatever else you mix it into. The Booster option offers the best of the lactation boosting effects without being a standalone drink of its own, making it perfect for mixing into coffee, milkshakes, or even into oatmeal or smoothies.

Our review team wanted to note in particular that basically the first two options are drinks in their own right and while the third is meant to be mixed into other things, none of the three contain or taste like coffee. This can be misleading, based on the word “latte” in the name.

None of the three Lactation Latte options contain dairy, caffeine, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, soy, or any artificial sweeteners.

Sizes, Discounts, and Promotions

The Lactation Latte powder mixes come in either two-packs or three-packs of powder mix pouches. There are roughly 11 servings per pouch, with serving sizes being 2.5 tablespoons for the Spiced Vanilla and Booster flavors, and 3 tablespoons of the Cacao flavor.

Discounts are available on the Bodily website for the two- and three-pack combination orders of these lattes.

The Bottom Line

Bodily Lactation Lattes top our list of the best lactation supplements due to the combination of top-notch ingredients, versatile and portable powder format, and the four powerful galactagogues that fuel breast milk production and nutrient boosting for breastfeeding mothers.

It is also a huge plus that Bodily consulted with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLC) in order to create this line of lactation supplement products.

Learn more about Bodily’s Lactation Latte lactation supplement

2. Munchkin – Best for Breast Milk Duct Health


  • Halal and kosher Friendly
  • 2-in-1 product helps with milk supply and duct health
  • Non-GMO vegan friendly capsules


  • Only available in one size purchase option

Product Review and Features

Milkmakers’ Daily Boost 2-in-1 Lactation Supplements available through Munchkin are an oral supplement that have the herbal combination of milk thistle, fennel, and goat’s rue for improved lactation support. This lactation supplement is fenugreek-free, working with the traditional galactagogues that work in the best and most productive ways with lactation production.

These Daily Boost supplements include sunflower lecithin as a key ingredient to their formula for helping the health of milk ducts. Fats have a tendency to clump together, especially in breast milk, resulting in clogs forming in the milk ducts. Because Daily Boost contains the sunflower lecithin it has an ingredient that is a natural fat emulsifier. This can help naturally loosen clogs of fat in existing milk and improve the flow.

It may be unknown to some mothers that a low water consumption diet, a diet that is high in saturated fats, or a combination of the two puts them at higher risk for developing clogged milk ducts if they are breastfeeding.

While developing clogged ducts isn’t uncommon there can be preventive measures to take and that includes making sure to try to maintain a healthy diet post-partum that is nutrient rich for not only your baby’s health but for your own, and also ensuring that you are maintaining high hydration levels. Drink that water, momma!

Sizes, Discounts, and Promotions

New customers can look forward to a discount on their next purchase when signing up for Munchkin’s email subscriber list. After sign-up, new customers receive an email redeemable code for 10 percent off their next purchase.

Milkmakers’ Daily Boost 2-in-1 Lactation Supplements are available in a standard size, 60 ct capsule per bottle. The serving suggestion is two capsules by mouth daily, three times a day. Munchkin offers this supplement as a lactation support option for lactating, nursing, and pumping mothers.

Munchkin offers free shipping to their customers who spend $40 USD or more on orders. They also provide super-speedy shipping with orders that are placed before 2 pm Pacific Time getting shipped out the same day.

The Bottom Line

It’s going to be your lucky lactation day when you become a customer with Munchkin. From their same day and next day shipping options to the amazing 2-in-1 punch-packed oral Milkmakers’ supplements, Daily Boost uniquely eliminates problems that the other supplements in this review do not. Including milk thistle as an ingredient is an important point, as it helps stimulate production of milk evenly over a longer period of time. Having a healthy supply of milk is important but the only way to do that is by having healthy duct flow and that is a key component in this supplement.

Learn more about Milkmakers’ lactation supplement at Munchkin

3. Kindred Bravely – Kindly Offering Consultant Information


  • Winners of Mom’s Choice Award
  • American Vegan Association Certified Vegan
  • Environmentally-friendly and fully-recyclable packaging


  • Serving suggestion of 3 times a day might be challenging for mom’s to incorporate into a self-care routine

Product Review and Features

Lactation Formula No. 1-Supply Support is a lactation oral supplement available for women who are taking steps to increase milk supply quality and volume of their breast milk. Kindred Bravely provides their customers with an oral supplement that is fenugreek-free, which can be helpful for those suffering with thyroid conditions, diabetes, stomach sensitivity, or allergies.

The lactation herbal ingredients in Lactation Formula No. 1-Supply Support that help support and stimulate increased lactation production are a combination of marshmallow root, blessed thistle, and moringa. This herbal combination is a galactagogue-herb potent and nutrient-rich blend that is American Vegan Association Certified Vegan.

Kindly Bravely features key ingredients that are not only vegan but organic:

  • Blessed thistle herb benefits that are supportive in supply of lactation production
  • Moringa leaf increases milk supply, also contains vitamins A and K, and is high in iron
  • Nettle leaf is high in iron and supports healthy lactation
  • Marshmallow root serves to increase milk supply stimulation and flow, and also works as a digestive aid

Sizes, Discounts, and Promotions

Lactation Formula No. 1-Supply Support can be purchased either by 30 count or by 60 count. This oral lactation supplement is suggested to be taken as recommended by your Healthcare Provider or three times a day with a drink and a meal.

As with any kind of supplement or new introduction into your medical health plan, please seek out professional medical treatment if you suffer from a medical condition or are taking prescribed medications before taking any new supplements or other new medications.

The Bottom Line

Kindred Bravely’s lactation supplement has herbs that aid in digestion, boost lactation production, and enrich breast milk. Plus the company provides support from the beginning of your lactation journey with their supplement by providing you with access to finding a lactation professional.

Learn more about Kindred Bravely’s Lactation Formula No.1

4. Milk Dust – Best Milk Production + Sugar Craving Control


  • Has a blend of herbs that are proprietary and proven to increase production of milk
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Can be mixed with milk or with water for a dairy-free option.


Product Review and Features

Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder is a vanilla flavored powder that has all natural and limited ingredients for breastfeeding and nursing mothers. Milk Dust has herbal blends including milk thistle which is proven to help increase and maintain the production of milk. This lactation supplement also has a healthy blend of antioxidants which is beneficial to regulating blood sugar levels.

Breastfeeding can often result in increased cravings for sugar and lead some mothers to gain weight. Milk Dust promises customers their protein mix powder will reduce the amount of sugar cravings for breast-feeding mommas and help fix those urges for sugar. Milk Dust includes cinnamon bark and turmeric which are natural herbs that help curb sugar cravings and also help regulate blood sugar levels.

Offering their customers support with not only increasing milk supply and sugar craving control but also weight loss, Milk Dust includes chlorella and spinach to kick start your energy and keep it boosted making sure you have enough energy to keep up with your day and help boost your motivation to work in some healthy exercise, too!

A proprietary protein blend that assists with weight loss is also packed into this protein powder by Milk Dust that increases production of milk flow but when paired with the essential amino acids, pea proteins, and chia seeds can help reduce weight.

Sizes, Discounts, and Promotions

Each container of Milk Dust offers customers 22 servings, and is 1.45 lbs of Sweet Vanilla powder. Customers are offered purchasing Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder for Milk Supply with bulk purchase options:

  • One container, at regular cost
  • Two containers, offering customers saving options of 10%
  • Three containers, offering customers saving options of 15%

Subscribe and save options for additional 17% product cost which can be canceled at any time for the customer and is not a contract service and has no obligations to continue. Milk Dust also offers a bundle package, the Full Milk Supply Package. It includes a container of Milk Dust Powder and a 10 pack Milk Dust Bars, a protein power bar with the included ingredient of the Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein powder.

First-time customers are also encouraged to sign up for their email subscription list which gives customers an automatic 10% coupon to apply towards their first order.

The Bottom Line

Milk Dust is a milk supply powder that is not only a non-GMO plant based protein powder but is also soy, gluten, corn, and dairy free. It has natural products in the powder and is also packed with multiple herbal proprietary blends that help boost energy, increase milk supply and keep a hold on those sugar cravings to help assist you with body control and weight loss goals.

Your clothes in the corner of the room that no longer fit will be the only thing gathering dust after sticking with Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder for Milk Supply.

Learn more about Milk Dust

How Did We Make Our Picks for the Top Lactation Supplements?

This list of the top lactation supplements was created by identifying and comparing supplement brands. This comparison was conducted by a team of research professionals and mothers with breastfeeding experience.

Brands were evaluated on a scale, based on everything from customer reviews and product availability to ingredient sourcing, product quality and even affiliation with professional organizations such as the IBLCE.

As herbal supplements are not FDA regulated, these parameters were decided upon by the review panel in order to ascertain the top quality lactation supplement products and present them together in one place for consideration and to help moms get good information with limited research of their own.

What are Lactation Supplements?

Most lactation supplements are designed to help women who are not producing enough breast milk or who want to increase the production of breast milk. Lactation supplements work by using ingredients that can help increase a woman’s breast milk supply, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The level of milk produced in the breast is an important aspect to consider for babies’ health because it provides them with the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

There are many different ways you can use lactation supplements to boost your milk supply. For example, you could take them at the same time as breastfeeding or pumping so that they work together to increase your supply. You could also take them before bedtime so that they work while you sleep and produce more in the morning when your baby wakes up hungry! Many women also find that taking them on an empty stomach is more effective than taking them with food.

Many different breastfeeding women have found herbal supplements and vitamin lactation supplements helpful for increasing their milk supply and for assisting with breastfeeding.

Your choice of lactation supplements will depend on your personal preferences and the evidence you find to be most helpful. You may also find that different supplements are useful for different situations and conditions, such as for a woman with plugged ducts, mastitis, low milk supply or discharge from the nipple, or who is pumping to increase her milk output.

The type of supplement you use for lactation may help with your supply, such as by encouraging lactation production or providing other nutrients.

Some supplements may have potential side effects that could cause health problems. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using any supplements during breastfeeding. Your healthcare provider can recommend the best supplements and dosage amounts for your unique needs and concerns.

When Should You Start Taking Lactation Supplements?

It seems that there is an innate primal maternal need to ensure your baby has eaten enough. Whoa, that’s really serious. Who are we kidding, let’s calm down and be realistic. Please, we just want to know our child is okay and that our next door neighbor or our mother in-law doesn’t think we are doing a “milk-poor” job at parenting. Now, as a mother you have to know when to start taking lactation supplements? Oh my gosh – more on the already full plate of things you already feel like you’re failing out!! Stop it, let’s figure this out.

When should you start taking supplements? Everyone is different, so there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Don’t roll your eyes – we are going to figure this out like we said. Rest assured, you at least do not immediately need to start your lactation supplement routine as soon as you give birth, so please just enjoy that time with your rest and your newest edition.

Most milk supply begins with the first week of giving birth, supplying your baby with thick colostrum, the beginning and earliest part of breast milk supply. This early production of breast milk and nutrient rich and thick and lasts generally 5 days into the breastfeeding journey.

Lactation supplements work by incorporating them into your routine when your production of colostrum moves to transitional milk; a mixture of both milk that is maturing and colostrum at the end of production within the breast milk supply.

Beginning a routine of supplement supporting milk production during this time is pivotal because it can ensure that your baby is still receiving the most important nutrients and amount of breastmilk and also make sure that the health of the breast is being supported by relieving the breast of all colostrum being produced at the end of this production cycle.

Another important time to work lactation supplements into your routine is when your baby is going through growth spurts and calorie consumption is important for growth milestones. The best thing to do as suggested by most lactation consultants and pediatricians during growth spurts is to feed babies when hungry during these moments, which can only be done with a healthy milk flow production.

As far as significant milestones in a baby’s life and making sure those things are followed an anticipated with making sure there is adequate breast milk supplies on hand, it is also suggested when taking lactation supplements for a daily routine to take them three times a day for most supplements unless otherwise instructed on the daily serving suggestion instructions.

Thinking this might be easier said than done, a lot of times it is as easy as making sure you pair it with your meals or dietary replacement shakes.

As far as the right time, it’s the right time when it’s the right time for you. It’s important to develop a breastfeeding plan. Don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare provider or to meet and discuss your plans or any questions you have with a licensed lactation professional.

How to Choose the Best Lactation Supplements?

Whether it be preparing to go back to work, anxiety about making sure that you are providing your child with the most and best nutrition while breastfeeding, or wanting to have an increase of breastmilk inventory in your freezer, there are often questions about which lactation supplements are the best. Thankfully, since each woman is different there are a variety of options to try that cater to each individual specific need. However, this can sometimes seem overwhelming because of the vast array of options. Here are some tips on how to choose the best lactation supplements.

Knowing your body and what you are expecting from a lactation supplement is step number one for choosing the best lactation supplement. There are several physical symptoms you are hoping to improve or alleviate that are often aided in treatment with some lactation supplements. Also understanding what your body can and cannot tolerate in regards to ingredients of lactation supplements is also important when choosing the best lactation supplements.

For some mothers, the size of the breast did not increase at all during pregnancy, which can sometimes be a precursor to lactation complications. Women who have had previous breast surgery or women who have delivered prematurely might be experiencing mammary tissue growth deficiencies. For this need, adding a lactation support galactagogue that includes goat’s rue would be an optimal choice to address those needs.

There is a commonality among most lactation support supplements and that is including fenugreek as a main ingredient for lactation support. Fenugreek has been supported long before its recent popularity in the western world. It has been used in ancient Chinese medicine and is common to India, North Africa, and China and has been used for centuries as a galactagogue.

The downside to fenugreek? One downside is that nutritionally, fenugreek is part of the legume family food tree. People with food allergies or sensitivities to chickpeas or peanuts should also avoid fenugreek. Knowing this, educates moms into knowing that they are looking for an herbal lactation supplement that doesn’t include fenugreek.

What Can Reduce Breast Milk Supply?

Important information and facts about breast milk production, your body and what can have a negative impact, isn’t an area that any woman should feel they aren’t knowledgeable enough in. Understanding your milk supply, what can increase your milk supply, what can decrease your milk supply, and simply how your milk supply is produced within your body is an important tool for having the best quality of life for not only a new and growing baby but also for mothers.

We have all heard the old adage, “sleep when the baby sleeps.” That’s easier said than done. However, in this scenario sleep plays a significant role in the upkeep of healthy and positive milk supply production; too little sleep results in reduced milk supply. Utilize that friend and family phone tree if you have it, leaning on a support system to assist in allowing time for moms to sleep and reliable and trustworthy individuals caring for your child safely.

Another way to avoid a disruption in your milk supply due to exhaustion is to keep your feet elevated when you can, during feedings, watching television, zoning out wondering why you thought your life needed a switch up – just whenever you get a chance.

One of the most common problems that occurs with postpartum health challenges amongst women is fatigue as a result of postpartum recovery.

Mothers are under an immense amount of pressure to succeed in a world where there is not enough emphasis on postpartum recovery, care, or newborn and infant guided assistance. Simply not getting enough rest and not being allowed to recover in a world that doesn’t provide ample time to recover is challenging enough.

With that being said, caffeine is amongst resources that is turned to and regularly abused to try to compensate for tired mom exhaustion. However, high intakes of caffeine can also result in reduced milk supply and low iron levels. A dehydrated body means decreased milk production. Too much caffeine could also be possible to transfer to your child while you are breastfeeding through your milk supply.

Not having enough rest can lead to stress, depression, and let’s face it hopelessness that you will ever get back to who you used to be. The stress and anxiety you are feeling can also unfortunately affect the milk supply. Simply experiencing the feeling of “let down” can reduce the volume of breastmilk production.

Try within the realm of possibility in regards to what works best for you that takes time for yourself to rest, and don’t forget to try to nap when the baby is napping.


1. What are galactagogues?

Galactagogues are used to increase or maintain a woman’s milk supply. Some women need the extra boost, while other women need to maintain their current levels of production or a healthy breast milk supply.

There are different types of galactagogues that work for different women. The herbs and supplements can be found in many forms like teas, capsules, creams, and more. There is no one type of galactagogue that works for all women.

A galactagogue usually contains hormones that have a stimulatory effect on the breasts and help boost milk production. These are typically used in combination with an herbal lactation support formula that is geared towards the specific needs of the woman.

The best way to determine what you need is to find a galactagogue that works for you and stick to it. An easy way to test this out is by identifying one of the lactation supplements on this list and trying it for yourself, as a starting point.

2. What is the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners?

The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) is a not-for-profit organization that provides lactation consultants exam preparation and certification to healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals.

The IBLCE is a professional organization that provides high standards for their members and ensures that the public can trust them.

They have strict requirements in order to become a member of the IBLC. You need to be certified by another association, have at least two years of experience and complete an exam on breastfeeding and human lactation before you can join.

The IBLCE is internationally recognized as the only organization that offers the Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) credential.


Options for mothers have increased throughout the ages, largely for the better. When it comes to breastfeeding, modern moms have a lot more information and resources available at hand. This is a double-edged sword, however, as the large torrent of information and data can be hard to parse through.

That’s why our review panel made this list of the leading lactation supplements: to make the consideration process a lot easier. After all, new moms have a lot on their hands! Best of luck with whichever you choose.


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